Case Studies

CASE 017

Elevating Executive Presence


While already recognized within her company and industry, the CEO of a technology firm sought to further enhance her executive presence to reinforce her leadership brand and expand her influence.


We embarked on a targeted coaching initiative to amplify her executive presence, focusing on areas such as executive branding, effective networking, and cultivating leadership charisma. These efforts were designed to boost her visibility and impact not just internally but also across the broader industry landscape.


Increased Industry Engagement

As a result of the enhanced executive presence, the CEO saw her industry engagement scores surge by 50%. This metric was derived from interactions, mentions, and recognitions within industry forums, events, and publications, reflecting her heightened profile.

Growth in Partnership Opportunities

There was a notable 35% increase in partnership opportunities, signifying an enhanced perception of the CEO as a valuable collaborator and industry leader. These opportunities were measured through proposals, meetings, and strategic alliances formed post-coaching.

Enhanced Ratings for Leadership Effectiveness

Internally, the CEO received higher ratings for her leadership effectiveness from both employees and stakeholders. These improved perceptions were quantified through internal surveys and feedback mechanisms, illustrating the positive impact of her more pronounced executive presence on leadership perception.

The advancements in the CEO’s executive presence not only cemented her status as a key industry figure but also contributed significantly to her company’s strategic positioning and collaborative potential.



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