Case Studies

CASE 016

Improper Feedback, Standoffish Behavior


The CEO of a manufacturing firm was providing feedback in a manner that came across as detached and overly critical, which not only demoralized the team but also hampered their innovative capabilities.


To counteract this issue, we undertook a comprehensive revision of the CEO’s approach to giving feedback. The focus was on developing and implementing strategies for more constructive criticism, incorporating active listening to ensure understanding and empathy, and fostering a style of communication that was supportive and encouraging. These steps were designed to transform how feedback was delivered and received within the team environment.


Enhanced Employee Engagement

Following our intervention, there was a notable 40% improvement in employee engagement levels, as measured by standardized engagement surveys conducted before and after the coaching period.

Increase in Innovation Outputs

The nurturing of a more positive feedback culture led to a substantial 55% increase in the number of innovative ideas and solutions submitted by the team, illustrating a revived spirit of creativity and problem-solving.

Improved Leadership Approachability

The shift in the CEO’s feedback style also resulted in a significant enhancement of his approachability. This was evidenced by feedback from team members, who reported feeling more valued and understood, and by observable improvements in open communication and interaction within the organization.

These outcomes collectively underscored the profound impact of nurturing a supportive and constructive feedback environment on team morale, innovation, and the overall leadership effectiveness within the company.



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