Case Studies

CASE 014

Running Efficient Meetings


The CEO of a financial services firm recognized that protracted and unfocused meetings were sapping valuable time and adversely affecting team morale. These inefficient gatherings were a drain on productivity and decision-making speed across the organization.


To address these challenges, we implemented a suite of structured meeting protocols tailored to the firm’s needs. This included the introduction of concise agendas, strict adherence to time limits, and clearly defined objectives for each meeting, coupled with actionable follow-ups. Additionally, we provided the CEO with training in effective meeting facilitation, focusing on techniques to maintain engagement and drive productive dialogue.


Increased Meeting Efficiency

The adoption of these protocols resulted in a significant reduction in meeting length, with an average decrease of 50%. This was quantified by comparing the average duration of meetings before and after the intervention.

Enhanced Meeting Effectiveness

Participant feedback underscored a substantial improvement in meeting quality, with an 80% increase in effectiveness ratings. This was determined through surveys assessing participant satisfaction and the perceived value of meetings.

Organizational Time Savings

The streamlined meeting approach translated into considerable time savings for the firm, conserving over 100 hours of executive time each quarter. This was calculated based on the reduced duration of meetings and the number of meetings conducted, reflecting a meaningful boost in overall organizational efficiency.

The transformation in meeting culture not only optimized time use but also enhanced decision-making processes and team engagement, demonstrating the significant impact of focused and well-structured meetings on corporate productivity and morale.



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