Case Studies

CASE 018

Time Management


The CEO of a fast-expanding tech startup was grappling with the challenge of managing an ever-increasing workload, which resulted in missed deadlines and overlooked opportunities, potentially hindering the startup’s momentum and growth.


To address this critical issue, we designed and implemented a time management system to specifically suit the CEO’s needs. This system emphasized the prioritization of tasks according to their strategic importance and alignment with the company’s long-term objectives. Additionally, we worked with the CEO to identify tasks that could be effectively delegated, thereby streamlining his workload and focusing his efforts on high-impact activities.


Enhanced Personal Productivity

Following the implementation of the new time management strategies, the CEO experienced a substantial 30% improvement in personal productivity, quantified through the increased completion rate of priority tasks and the reduction in time spent on lower-impact activities.

Improved Business Performance

The more efficient task management and prioritization led to a notable 20% improvement in the overall performance of the business. This was manifested in the timely completion of critical projects and a more agile and effective response to emerging opportunities, driving forward the startup’s growth and success.

By optimizing his approach to time management, the CEO was not only able to regain control over his schedule but also steer his company more effectively through its rapid growth phase, ensuring that key initiatives were advanced and new opportunities were seized.



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