Case Studies

CASE 009

Work-Life Balance


The COO of a booming e-commerce platform was immersed in an overwhelming workload, risking burnout and experiencing a decline in productivity, which also threatened the company’s morale and efficiency.


To address these challenges, we undertook a holistic assessment of the COO’s schedule, emphasizing task prioritization and pinpointing opportunities for effective delegation. We established firm boundaries to demarcate work and personal time and introduced practices to reduce stress, including time management techniques.


Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Post-intervention, the COO reported a 30% improvement in work-life balance, verified through enhanced self-reported satisfaction metrics. This was reflected in better time allocation between professional responsibilities and personal activities, creating a sustainable work rhythm.

Productivity and Cultural Benefits

This newfound balance translated into a 25% uptick in the COO’s productivity, discernible in both the quality and quantity of work output. Moreover, the positive changes set a healthier precedent within the company, fostering an improved organizational culture that values well-being alongside performance.

Peer and Subordinate Feedback

Notably, the COO appeared significantly less stressed, a change consistently observed and commented on by both peers and subordinates. This perceptual shift contributed to stronger relationships and increased respect within the leadership team and the broader organization, reinforcing the holistic benefits of achieving a sound work-life balance.

By prioritizing well-being alongside professional duties, the COO not only enhanced personal productivity and satisfaction but also positively influenced the company’s culture and leadership dynamics.



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