Dynamic Coaching


A personalized and dynamic executive coaching partnership that targets specific skills and behaviors, sharpens strategic insights, and catalyzes transformative change, delivering tangible results in personal growth and organizational success.


  • 4-month engagement.
  • Weekly dialogues, either in-person or virtual.
  • Comprehensive, 360° assessment including feedback collected from up to five individuals of your choosing, including peers, direct reports, board members, and other stakeholders.
  • Integration of CliftonStrengths® to discover and leverage personal talents in achieving professional goals.
  • An adaptable weekly plan for every 90-day segment to guide progress and ensure focus.
  • Unlimited email interactions.
  • Unlimited review of work.
  • Phone calls as desired and we deem appropriate.
  • Consistent reporting to and feedback from all dedicated stakeholders.
  • Access to an expansive digital platform with features like detailed action planning and goal setting, comprehensive stakeholder reporting and feedback, accessible records of our dialogues, specific task assignments, progress metrics, and an extensive resource library. This platform perfectly complements our structured approach, dramatically increasing your chances of success!




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