Strategic Soundboard


Strategic Soundboard is a flexible and vital tool, offering support, expertise, and critical feedback essential for high-stakes decision-making and effective leadership. It addresses your immediate needs and bolsters your organization’s broader strategic success. Use it to clarify thoughts, gain an objective perspective, prepare for key events like board and investor meetings, or engage in role-play. It provides confidential, one-on-one guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.


  • Bi-weekly sessions, virtual or in-person (One World Trade Center in FiDi).
  • Unlimited email interactions.
  • Unlimited review of work.
  • Phone calls as desired and we deem appropriate.
  • Optional: consistent reporting to and feedback from all dedicated stakeholders
  • An expansive digital platform with features like detailed action planning and goal setting, comprehensive stakeholder reporting and feedback, accessible records of our dialogues, specific task assignments, progress metrics, and an extensive resource library. This platform perfectly complements our structured approach, dramatically increasing your chances of success.

* The Strategic Soundboard begins with a three-month commitment for $15,000, followed by a month-to-month option for $5,000 per month.




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